Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sodwana Bay and Tembe Elephant Park - South Africa

In South Africa we have our last school holidays, just before winter arrives, over the easter weekend. As usual we went to Sodwana Bay. I don't think I will ever tire of going there. The surroundings are just so beautifull.

This time we visited Tembe National Elephant Park on Easter Friday which is about 1hours drive from Sodwana. The park is situated on the border with Mozambique and has over 200 magnificent (and huge) elephants. There are also buffalo, lions, leopards and lots of antelope. A Magical Place!

The site we chose to have lunch. Isn't it just great to have lunch in such an unspoilt place?

One of the Tembe elephants. This one came VERY close. Everyone got a real fright with this huge elephant stroling up to our vehicle. In the end he just passed right next to us on his way to another water hole.

On Easter Sunday we drove south on the beach to a small bay for snorkling. The water is so clear you can just sit next to a rock and have your own private aquarium.

Just an idea of how huge the dunes are. They are covered with indiginous trees and shrubs and come right down to the beach.

And of course, the kids love the sea.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beach Scene Painting

This was the challenge on the DSFDS blog for the past 2 weeks. I love doing paintings like this. You only need a few basic colours and shapes to create the right feeling for the painting. This week the artists realy did a great job with this beach scene.

Beach Babe
Original oil on board 25x60cm