Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Paper Collage Lampshades

These are samples of currently available lampshades.
Each one is handcraftes using fabric, lots of paper, birds, butterflies and ribbon.
Please contact me if you require more information.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kamersvol Geskenke Irene 2013

Kamersvol Geskenke 2013 was an absolute blast!
It was so rewarding to hear all the positive feedback and to see happy, smiling clients.

I have lots of new ideas for the new year. Will keep you updated.
Please send me an email for my 2014 catalogue -

  The big set up. Can't do it without my handy husband. Thanks Dana :)

 Soft Toys - they were flying of the shelves. I am happy to say that they ALL found new homes.

 I just love my Beatrix Potter cube clocks. Such a lovely addition to a nursery.

 Best Seller of Kamers 2014! I could not keep up with demand for my consol jar storage planks.

 These wire, twig and bird lampshades are my favourite. They create such a happy place in any room.

 Some more hoops and dolls

 My paper collage lampshades with birds attracted so much attention. Visitors just loved them.

 This was the only reclaimed plank, hand painted wall clock I had available.
It will be part of my new range for 2014.