Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ietsie nice (something nice)

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ligogo Beach Mozambique

The pretty bay of Inhambane
We spent a week in the stunning resort of Ligogo beach (about 50km south of Inhambane) in Mozambique.
Mozambique is a neighbouring country of South Africa but so amazingly different.
The architecture was a relevation. There are so many of the original Portuguese buildings in the larger towns. Sadly they are mostly neglegted in the rural areas.
The people are friendly and largely live of the land and sea.
This is the perfect holiday location, far from civilisation, pure relaxation.

 A perfect day to take the boat out to sea.

 The view from the house. No money can buy this, absolutely stunning. I spent hours just sitting and watching the wales in the bay. Bliss!
 At Sol de Ligogo you will find the perfect place to have a drink and delicious seafood. The owners, Lorraine and Bill will make sure that your stay is memorable. How lucky they are to live in paradise.
 The lake just outside Xai Xai
 Stunning lakes just behind the dunes.
Portuguese influence in the architecture
 With Lana on the beach
 The amazing view from the house. It feels like you are on a ship.
 Ligogo house
 A typical rural scene.
 The view down to the beach.
Sunset at Ligogo
We hope to spend at least 2 weeks in Ligogo during the December school holidays.