Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vintage Car Painting

This is the first painting 'n completed for 2012. I always test the success of a painting according to the feeling is evokes, and this one makes my heart sing. I love it :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Studio Photos

I want to share with you the miracle transformation of an old garage turned into (my favourite place in the world) an art studio.

What started out as an old garage at the bottom of our property is now a fully functioning art studio with a small kitchen and bathroom.

What more can any artist ask for?

The sad before

The finished studio with dogs :)

Looking out from the inside

Stork Tea Mobile - Mie Arts and Crafts

Yesterday we had a stork tea at my studio for my sister Lize. Just in time to, she went into labour yesterday evening - 2 weeks early! Phew, close call..

We had such a lovely time. My studio is the ideal venue for all our family functions, it takes a bit of time clearing out all the arty bits laying around but it is a great space to entertain.

I ordered a mobile kit from my wonderfully creative friend, Wilmarie Viljoen (Mie Arts and Crafts) and everyone participated, sewing on buttons and hanging their miniature creatures on the mobile.

It was a fun, interactive morning with a lot of laughter and yummy eats.

My lovely mother and twin sisters, Lize in front, and Ilze

Before the guests arrive

Friends completing the mobile

The completed mobile. Lize absolutely adores her special gift.

Thanks Wilmarie :)

Mie Arts and Crafts Stork Tea Mobile

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First oil/collage painting of 2012

After a long summer holiday I am ready to get going.

School started today in South Africa and my son had his first day in High School.

This is the planning stage of a new painting/collage. It feels awesome to start the creative process again.

My regular art class also starts tomorrow. I realy missed my students.