Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Group

It was great to be back at the paint class after 2 weeks of school holidays. Can't wait for Thursdays! Today we did a charming painting of buildings in a country setting.
We started with a purple and orange canvas. Always challenging to work on a coloured background. In this class it worded out great. We used a technique called "scumbling" meaning you work with a dry brush so the background shows in places.
I started with the houses, doing the shady parts first and then going to the highlights. Here you can still see much of the underpainting showing through.
The last step is to enrich all the shadows and highlight where is needed.
Here are some of the paintings. I think they are all very charming. Always amazing to see so many different interpretations on the same theme.
Hantie's painting
Johanna's painting
Millie's painting
Vivia's painting
Nick's painting

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