Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Group

Today we did another painting with a coloured background. Today black. It is very satisfying painting on a black canvas as it picks up shadows and colour beautifully. It is quite tricky though to keep track of what to leave black. A great exercize for thinking about colour, shape and shade. As always everyone worked from the same picture but every painting is totally different. Enjoy.

First the darkest flesh colours are applied, working towards the lightest. Colours used are crimson, yello ocre, sap green, cad red and white. It is important to not touch the darkest shadows and leave them black.

The hat is painted in the same manner using raw umber, white and yellow ocre in different hues.

The jacket is painted using raw umber, white and c blue. Care is taken once again to not paint away the shaded areas as this creates great atmosphere and depth. Now colours can be blended to create a more uniform look and the background is added.

My painting

Alet's painting

Anso's painting

Ronel's painting

Vivia's painting

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