Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Group

Last Thursday of the month so time again for everyone to do their own thing. Last weeks lesson was all about using a palette knife. I missed it but got some great inspiration today from the other's paintings. As you can see everyone enjoyed the palette knife class so much that they used the same technique today.
Vivia's painting
She stayed with her "tree" theme and combined it with the palette knife technique with fantastic results. Love the colours!

Hanli's painting
Hanli is a wonderfull artist spesialising in realism and muted colours. Fantastic painting!

Hanti's painting
Hanti carried on with the "house" theme of last week and created a wonderfull painting today.

Marlene's painting
Marlene and Hanti did the same painting today and I think they are just charming.

Nick's painting
Nick also carried on with the houses and made a great painting. I love the red!

Ronel's painting.
This is a typical "Ronel" painting. Bold, colourfull and striking. Lovely.

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