Saturday, March 12, 2011

Paper Collage class

We had a fabulous Saturday morning and created some amazing artworks with photos and paper. Here is an idea of what to expect at one of my classes.

The next class is on Saturday 16 April. Contact me to book a place.


the shinning light said...

DIDS, your work for me is an inspiration to do my own work. I really love your work! . I am exploring collages world. My artwork is in my web site
And my blog

I am very far of your country, I am from Puerto Rico but I Iive in Louisiana USA to take one of your class. But why you don't do a book.? Because your work is wonderful.
Congratulation for your amazing artwork!

Deirdre said...

Hi Nelly. Thanks for the kind words. Had a look at your website, your work is amazing. I LOVE your collages, it also gives me inspiration in return. Will keep a lookout for your work. Dids