Monday, August 5, 2013

It is incredible how quick time flies. The last 2 months just flew by! I have been busy with some very exciting new product development.
One of them are these amazing doggy handbags.
I have always had a passion for our furry friends and when I was approached to help Barking Mad it was so easy to say yes :)
Barking Mad is a wonderfull organisation looking after resque dogs as well as placing dogs with new families. They devote so much towards this cause that I am happy to do my small part in helping them.
These handbags are made from a durable felt with hand embroidered designs on the front. The inside has a cotton lining.
If you are interested in purchasing a bag please contact A percentage of the sales goes towards Barking Mad.
There are some new designs coming, as well as one for the cat lovers out there.

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