Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Group Paintings

Sorry for the lack group photos today. My camera's battery was flat. What a let down!! because there were some stunning paintings.

  • Today we started on a red background and used cement paint over a crackle effect.
  • Colours used is green, red, yellow ocre, burnt umber and white.
  • First step is to concentrate on the shadows using burnt umber on the pot and red mixed with green on the flowers.
  • Spread the colour on the pot using an oil and varnish mix and start bring in white on highlight areas.

  • The flowers are done in shades of reds and pinks with white for highlights.
  • The background is started with the burnt umber at the bottom changing to yellow ocre and whites.
  • Using the cement paint as a base gives wonderfull texture to the painting.

Vivia's lovely painting

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