Friday, March 14, 2008

Thursday Group

In yesterday's class we did a fun project painting geese. They are such lovable creatures with great features. Love their round tummies, short legs and small beady eyes.
We started by making a black and white underpainting using black ackrylic paint.
The next step is to add the shading using raw umber mixed with crimson or blue and some white to create a blue and purple shade colour.
Soft yellow is placed next to the shaded area and the rest is filled in with white.
The rest is very simple. Start with blending the yellow and white, moving on to the shaded areas to create a 3d goose. The grass is painted with sap green and yellow ocre. The sky with phatallo blue and white.
Finish off the painting by adding white highlights and doing the beaks and legs.
I think they are very cute!
Some of the ladie's pantings.
Hantie's painting

Marlene's painting

Ronel's painting

Vivia's painting

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