Friday, March 21, 2008

Thursday Group

Today was a quiet class. At least half of our ladypainters have taken a break over the easter weekend, lucky them. But they missed out on a great class. We painted these colourfull boats on a canvas primed with clumpled tissue paper. This gives a wonderfull texture to the painting. And they also missed the easter bunny!!! We had a great morning of chatting, painting and drinking coffee but the surprise visit of the easter bunny was the cherry on top. He made our day.
May you have a blessed easter.

Alet's painting

Hantie's painting

Vivia's painting

My painting
The easter bunny!!


Anonymous said...

Nice Blog!
i really like this post

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dids said...

Hi Juan
Thanks for the kind words. I had a look at your website and blog. I don't understand Spanish but I love your drawings. Keep up with the good work.