Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Different Strokes Challenge

I can't believe almost a week has gone by and this all I have to show. The challenge is a great way of forcing me to paint. This painting is part of the Different Strokes blog challenge.
The real reason I haven't been painting as much as I would like, is the time and effort that goes into arranging an exhibition. We have now grown to 16 artists and 3 jewelers! All the preparations are now in place and we are just waiting for the artists to bring their work on Friday. I am realy excited, it is going to be a great opening party with friends.

Original oil on board 30x30cm


Thea said...

love this painting , well done. Something not right with your followers, perhaps you must create the followers.

Deirdre Botha said...

Hi Thea
I checked my followers link on my side and it works. D

Maggie Mayer said...

This is nice and really stands out on Karin's blog.

Deirdre Botha said...

Hi Maggie. Coming from such a talented artist as yourself it is is great compliment. Thanks. I love your dog and farmhouse paintings!