Sunday, November 23, 2008

On the Pier

I finished this painting last week, just in time for our much anticipated exhibition. I had the picture for quite some time and couldn't wait to start painting. I like the soft colours and peacefull feeling of the scene.
The exhibition exceeded all our expectations. This was the first time we arranged it and people were amazed at the talent of people in our neighbourhood. I will post some photos as soon as I get them.

Sitting on the Pier
Original oil on board 30x60cm


SCL said...


Hello to you and greetings from Plymouth UK to South Africa

I like your blog - very fond of the cups and bowls for the Christmas market

S0 why am I contacting you ?

Well as an artist hope you will appreciate the idea -

In a somewhat random act of artistic interaction I have come across your blog next to mine at this point in cyberspace and time. Have a look at my blog – I have placed a link on it for your site, for about a month - under the heading "My Dog Ate Blogs" – take a look.. If you fancy being a permanent part of this blog just say yes and I will put a permanent link for you on my site in my blog-roll “My Dog Has Eaten These Blogs and Says Yum Yum” If you have a link on my site chances are you'll be getting people from 40 different countries visiting your site - feel free to join the party, and get some additional traffic your way.

In return all I would like is a link somewhere on your site.

Have a look and see what you think.

If you want to print out any of my images - feel free - some are quite nice ( I hope) – just tell your friends where you found them.

Hope you find my site interesting as well.

Best wishes from Plymouth UK !

(Steve Clement-Large : My Dog Ate Art )

Deirdre Botha said...

I would love a link. Have a look for yours on mine.

SCL said...

Thanks for your kind comments via email - I'm off to add you to my blog-roll - look forward to seeing more of your work.


Crafty Sugar said...

Simply beautiful!!

Deirdre Botha said...

Hi Crafty. Great to hear from you again. How's Cape Town? Glad you like the painting. D

Swati said...

Great paintings... lovely work!!

Deirdre Botha said...

Hi S and thank you. Your cakes are true masterpieces!