Thursday, February 5, 2009


We have the privelage of staying next to a small river in a big city. Across the river is a hiking trail that follows the water. There is a family of wild geese, fish, a big lizard, a mongoose family and lots of birds living along the river. Usually it is a tranquil place with just a small stream of water flowing past the house.
Yesterday we had an enormous storm with 90mm (35 inches) of rain falling in just 2 hours. Then our river gets scary!! All the water from neighbouring suburbs as well as storm water drains along the road empties into this stream. 10 Years ago all the houses on our side of the river was flooded after a cloudburst. Luckly this was not so bad but it is still scary seeing the water rising and not knowing when it is going to subside.
Today we have a small stream once again :) Never a dull moment living here.

This is what the river usually looks like, peacefull and a great place for the kids to play.

But is can all change in a very short time with the water overflowing the river bank.

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