Monday, March 2, 2009

Mexico Paintings

Last month I took part in a gallery exhibition with an Indian theme. This month the theme is Mexico. I thought it would be quite easy to get inspiration but have to admit it was a real struggle. I didn't want to do the typical Frida Calho paintings that people would expect from an exhibition like this. After much reading and google searching on the subject I decided to use Chihuahuas as my inspiration since they are native to Mexico. They are such cute dogs and it was a lot of fun painting them.

The first painting I did was with Chihuahuas only. I love the red jumper and also added the flowers as a fun element.

3 Chihuahuas
Original oil on board 40x60cm

I decided to do a Frida painting after all but also added the chihuahua and flowers just to add another elements to the painting.

Frida & Chihuahua
Original oil on board 60x40cm


Sheila said...

These are FANTASTIC Did! Such a bold and passionate background to mirror Frida's personality. I love the three amigos. I studied that background because it's so bright, light and fun.

Olga Wagner said...

what fun you idea.

Deirdre said...

Thanks for the kind comments. I loved painting them.