Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Mexican paintings

I delivered my paintings to the gallery yesterday and was amazed by the other artists work. There are such talented people out there! Make an effort to support your local galleries and maybe you will discover some of the hidden talent.
I painted the Virgin de Guadelupe as a final piece for the exhibition. It doesn't have the same brightness as the others but rather a soft and calm presence. Again I added the chihuahuas to carry through the theme.

Guadelupe Virgin
Original oil on board 60x40cm
And then, just for fun I did these 2 Chihuahua "shrines" with tiles, mirrors, gold leaf, foil flowers and roses.

Chihuahua shrine 1
mixed media on board 30x30cm

Chihuahua shrine 2
mixed media on board 30x30cm


Sheila said...

Oh my... I thought your Indian theme was magical. I believe I'm really going to enjoy this series. Your creativity is boundless!

L.Holm said...

These are magical! Love them!